Brand is about knowing who you are and communicating it well.
Do you know who you're trying to be? Does your audience?
Developing and employing a great brand strategy starts with who you are. Then, a visual and verbal communication strategy work together to create a cohesive identity. This means your design standards, tone of voice, and content creation all reflect an understanding of your core identity.
What dictates that core identity? Well, it starts by understanding who you are, what your audience needs, and how you plan to get there.
That's where we come in.
Brand Development
Develop your brand voice and visuals while coming to a greater understanding of who you are. By partnering with The Kellogg Creative for brand develop, you'll have a clear understanding of how to best communicate about your organization, both internally and externally.
Web Management
Websites are a critical tool in marketing, as they offer a snapshot into the values, skills, and messaging of a company. By making sure your website is set up for success, you're setting your team up for success as well. The Kellogg Creative offers SEO (search engine optimization) work, copy editing, and can collaborate with your developers to optimize the UX/UI of your site.​​​​​​​
Content Creation
Design, email strategy, blog writing, social media content planning — we've got you covered. When it comes to the intersection of marketing strategy and tactical execution, we're right there. The Kellogg Creative is an excellent partner if you're looking to collaborate on some of the heavy lifting of marketing.
Meet Tess Kellogg
Champion of Brand Standards.
Lover of Grammar. Disciple of Brand Strategy.

"With over 7 years of experience as a communication and branding professional,  I've worked in the worlds of public relations, marketing, and communications. That's how I've acquired hands-on experience in photography, graphic design, and copy writing and editing. I have  experience across industries, specializing in small businesses.
How did I get here?
At every opportunity, I have immersed myself in the art of  copywriting, design, and photography. Oftentimes, using them all together in the creation of books, guides, flyers, and lot of other content creation.
Beyond traditional asset creation, I have experience in website management, specializing in WordPress. That includes SEO-focused web copywriting, helping you be discoverable for your company's organic search goals. Through a combination of all these channels and approaches, I've found the best formula to get your brand the recognition it deserves."
The Kellogg Creative is a marketing agency focused on brand development, reappraisal, and conditioning.
Ready to find out more?
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