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The Kellogg Creative offers web management services to help create website content, monitor site hygiene, and collaborate with your web development services to make visual and technical improvements to your website. Our expertise lies with WordPress and SquareSpace, but we’re more than happy — and able — to onboard into your web management service.
A domain name does not a website make
Maybe you've licensed your domain name, maybe even gotten your hosting service set up. Maybe you haven't. Either way, The Kellogg Creative is here to help. 
A good website is an incredibly helpful business tool. Unfortunately, they can seem a lot easier to manage than they are.
Websites are multi-faceted in function and require a robust strategy to see a return. From making sure your content is optimized for search engine performance to making sure your UX is doing its job, we can help you get there. We’ll make sure your website is doing the heavy lifting, so your organization focus on it’s own specialties. 

What is SEO?
SEO? SEM? SERP? What are these words and what do they mean for your business?
Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) can work together, but they aren’t the same thing. SEO is the optimizing of your website to prove to search engines you offer valuable, relatable content for any given key word that people search. SEM refers to the paid ad strategy you might pursue to rank for various keywords.
The Kellogg Creative specializes in on-page SEO and can collaborate with web developers on technical aspects of your site’s performance. Interested in an SEM strategy for your website? We can talk about that too.
What does UX mean?
You might’ve seen the phrase “UX/UI” stuck together in relation to marketing, websites, or applications. UX is short for “user experience” while UI means “user interface.” These two concepts work together to inform and enrich user behavior and their journey on your website, so they’re both equally important.
User interface: UI is the visual interface of your application or website. It’s the buttons, images, and icons that a user might engage with on your site. It’s the work done by your design and development professionals to make the application look as it does.
User experience: UX is informed by what the user interface looks like, but it goes beyond the physical. It takes into account why someone might do a certain action, and what steps you as an organization can take to help clarify and direct those steps. Overall, it’s the experience a user has when engaging with your website or product, and how they leave that interaction feeling.
Both UI and UX come together to make sure your website is working the way it should, and moving your audience towards the conversions you’ve set up.
The Kellogg Creative is a marketing agency focused on brand development, reappraisal, and conditioning.
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