American Climate Contract
The American Climate Contract is the ACC's biggest initiative yet: the first actionable policy framework concerning climate change ever seen in the United States.
These signs were designed for rallies and lawns, and needed to capture the emotions of the initiative in a short, simple, and effective manner.
Another big push for the Climate Contract was the redesigning of the new logo for initiative.
The original logo was introduced to designers as seen here. The thought was to represent conservative values through the traditional imagery of the flag and torch. However, I recommended repurposing this concept into one that more clearly represented their goals.
While it is important for ACC to represent their conservative roots, the logo alone did not stand for their company or initiative.
The final product incorporated the original homage to conservative themes, preserving the torch icon. However, now the enlightenment and judgement holds a new twist: a green leaf replacing the flame. 
This communicates that the values and traditions of conservatives actually present the solutions to climate change. Much like the contract marries free market solutions with environmental concerns, this logo represents the complimentary nature between conservatism and conservation. It also incorporates a more balanced color scheme, introducing a bright green rather than the dark blue, red, and cream of the original proposal.
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